Thai Trains Gets Major Overhaul

Trains has always been a major mode of transportation and a preferred method of commute between provinces or states. When it comes to leasure travel, trains bring to mind a certain feeling of romance, class, and comfort. Sadly, that hasn't been the case in Thailand. In Thailand, traveling by train haven't had a very good reputation. Trains are old and dirty. Lice is common. Train staffs are under trained and rude. Food on the train are bad, the rails are bad, the stations are rundown and tickets officers are sub-par and generally unhelpful. Luckily, all of that is about to change!

State Railways of Thailand (SRT) has recently launched eight new routes with completely new trains and new service systems in which it hope would be a pilot program to totally change the standard of Thailand's rail service. This transformation begins with the trains themselves which are brand new. Upon entering these new trains, visitors will be greeted with high class interior and plush new red-velvet seats which can be transformed into beds (quite quickly too when done by practiced staff). Accompanying the new interiors is cleanlisness never before associate with Thai Trains and a level of service that rivals that of airlines.

Restaurant Cars

One thing that has become quite a highlight of these new trains and has become quite the talk of the town are the restaurants cars which takes up a whole carriage. In fact, it is definitely one feature that allows these trains to surpass airlines (which are similarly priced on the same routes). These restaurant cars are stocked with set-box meals, roasted chicken, dim sum, instant noodles, snacks, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Let's just say you won't go hungry for the duration of the trip. The restaurant car can seat 32 people and may require you to share tables, which is one sure way for travelers to make new friends.

First Class Coach

The most luxurious and best option albeit the most expensive way to experience the new trains is the first class coach. This type of coach comes with private rooms for two and has an option to join two rooms together, which is great if you are traveling in groups of three or four. Each trains has 12 first class rooms (24 beds). each rooms comes with amenities such as electric plugs, bed lights and touch screen monitors in each bed. Restrooms are also included as well as closed-circuit cameras. There is a option to call service staffs to your rooms and food can be ordered from the restaurant car. Wash basin and dressing windows complete these luxurious first class coaches.

Second Class Coach

A more economical option is to go for second class coaches which are still an amazing way to travel. These coaches can accommodate 40 seats (20 beds). Each bed comes with its own electric plug and light. Each room has its own restroom and four monitors. there are also special cars of this class available to the disabled which comes with appropriate facilities such as wheel chair access. These special cars can accommodate 34 people. Second class coaches are also equipped with closed-circuit cameras.

Wifi and Safety

Free wifi is provided train wide. In terms of safety, the trains are equipped with disc-brakes and warning systems which alerts staffs to any doors not fully sealed shut. Other safety features include emergency lights, fire extinguishers, emergency call systems, bed locks, safety glass, and train-wide closed-circuit cameras.


All the aforementioned features and coaching options is certainly putting romance and comfort back into train travel in Thailand. the new trains are already receiving positive reviews from traditional and social medias and are enjoying great word of mouth recommendations.

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