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Safari World is a sight seeing and entertainment show park / zoo in Thailand that has been popular since its opening date back in 1988. It is very popular among local and foreigners alike. Many Thais who are now in their 30s and 40s will have many fond memories of the place and are now passing that memory and experience to their children who are now starting to enjoy the place as well. Safari is divided into two parts which are Safari Park and Marine Park. Safari Park is an open park where visitors can drive into a man made safari and see wild animals in their semi-natural habitats. Marine Park is a big park where visitors can walk around and enjoy something of an open zoo and see various shows à la Seaworld.

Safari Park

The Safari Park part of Safari World that is essentially an open zoo. Visitors buy a ticket and drives through the park in their car. This gives the park an authentic "safari" feel and this particular park claims to be one of the biggest in Asia. Signs along that safari route that says "Dangerous Animal Area" and "Keep doors and windows close" as well as one that says something along the line of "if your car breaks down, don't get out of your vehical, honk your horn instead" definitely adds to overall authenticity of the experience. In case you are wondering if it's really dangerous to leave your vehicles, it probably is with real lions and tigers in the park but it should be noted that no case of animal attacks has even been recorded here.

This part of Safari Park is quite big and the ride can take quite a while. The areas are divided into many parts and each zones are separated from each other by a electrical fence. The first few zones are filled with animals from Africa and other "Safari" continents with Giraffe being a personal highlight for me. These giraffe seems to have trouble dealing with the sun though and many tall umbrellas are built for them. There are many deers and antelopes as well as many exotic birds.

The most interest area is the dangerous animal zone and it is in this area that opening car windows is strictly forbidden. In this area you will find numerous lions and tigers in their semi-natural habitats. Just like in real safaris, weather you get to see any of these feline doing anything interesting is very much based on luck. On my many visits here I've seen the activity levels range from every tiger and lions sleeping in peace to a few of them playing cheerfully to giving full chases. Nonetheless, to see these majestic animals roaming around almost freely in a safari park that in its self in a city is always refreshing.

A daily show where the animals are fed are also available although I must admit the alloted time never worked out for me so I have no experience of this to share.


Marine Park

The Marine Park part of Safari World is a whole different area and theme from Safari Park. Whereas Safari Park is a man-made drive-in safari, Marine Park is an entertainment park / zoo / show area in the style of Sea World. Buying a ticket here will get you access to all the shows. It should be note that the schedule of the shows seem to change daily so be sure to check beforehand.

The available shows include:

Dolphin Show

This show will surely remind people of Sea World shows. The dolphin show has always been one of Safari World's highlight and for good reasons. The bilingual show is almost flawless in its execution and the dolphins didn't mess up any of their routines (which does happen on other shows). The MC's are funny and the show entertaining.


Spy Show

This is the few shows in Safari World that follows a story line which is a James Bond-esque adventure. This show is exciting and showcase many pyrotechnics, explosions, zip-line actions, and good old fashion stunts. Please be aware though that if you sit in the middle front section you will get wet. Please also be aware that small children may find all the explosions and gunshots scary.


Sea Lion Show

Another of Safari World's highlight. This show feature many species of sea lions showcasing their intelligence and attractiveness. Jumps and Frisbee caches as well as other tricks keeps guests entertained.


Orangutan Show

Showcases the cunning intelligence of these majestic apes that is sure to make guests see these Orangutan in a new light. At one time this show is only one of three in the world.

Western Cowboy Show

A stunt show in the theme of the old west with plenty of explosions and gunshots. This is an exciting show and used to be a favorite of mine when I was younger.

Bird Show

This bird show is a lot of fun and redefined my expectation of what bird can do. If nothing else it'll show guests that birds can indeed be trained to do complex shows! The highlight of this show is a parrot riding a bicycle across a zip-line.

Elephant Show

This is a show almost exclusive to Thailand. It showcases elephants doing very clever and adorable things such as playing football and sometimes drawing.

Other than the shows, safari world also offer other attractions within Marine Park such as:

Safari Terrace

A terrace that abut the giraffe sanctuary part of Safari Park. This terrace allows visitors to feed the giraffe bananas and is a favorite of many children. An added fun here is to be able to see other visitors' cars riding through the Safari Park section.


Walrus Pen

A walrus pen is on show at Safari and visitor can enjoy seeing this majestic animal from the equator. It is said that the walrus will be a part of an upcoming show, though that remains to be seen.


Small World Bird Sanctuary

A giant walk-in bird cage with many cute colorful birds that will come and eat seeds right from your hand.

Safari world also offer many caged zoo animals on show along their path as well as a swan feeding spot.

All in all, Safari world is a very enjoyable entertainment / safari park that families have been enjoying for two generations now and is showing no sign of age at all.


If you want to make both the Safari Park and Marine Park attraction, go early and visit the Marine park first. Then go to the Safari Park right before it closes at 5 pm. From personal experience 30 minutes should be enough to complete the whole circuit in the Safari park zone.

It can get very hot as most of the Marine Park is outdoor so stay hydrated.

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