Mae Sariang : A Pristine Town Well Worth a Visit

Mae Sariang is a small town in Thailand where history, way of life and modern tourism finds an impeccable blend. Once a remote and mysterious town one kilometer above the sea-level, Mae Sariang was visited by the 9th King of Thailand and just like fairy tale the town transforms into an attractive yet still virgin tourist attraction. For anyone who has visited this town in Mae Hong Sorn prior to the King's visit and then again today, the change they see will be so complete that you can't blame them for not recognizing anything. Long ago, locals here make meager living from direction-less farming that ends up harming environment in the long run. Seeing the poor living condition, the king set up Royal Projects in the area with aims to improve life of locals. The projects became a huge success and is one of the King's many great legacies.

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Today, locals of Mae Sariang are very happy and content with their way of life. They now grow plants and animals that are suitable to the area. Most the the vegetables and fruits are those researched and developed by the Royal Project. The total area of farm land within the town is 24.5 acres and they combine to earn locals quite a comfortable living.

Tourism within Mae Sariang mainly revolves around the agricultural lifestyle of the locals. There are three ways to tour the town: to tour the agricultural way of life, to take in the culture, and to take in the beautiful nature. For those looking to look into the agriculture side of things, be sure to check out the locals' plantations. On display will be how the locals are able to farm fruits and vegetables researched by the 9th King of Thailand to be suitable for the area. More importantly, these crops are marketable and are the main income around here. Crops grown include red peas, cauliflower and pumpkin. Of course there are also cold-climate crops such as persimmon, plum, and passion fruit. To westerners what is classified as cold weather fruits here may seem unremarkable, but for Thailand which is a tropical country, these fruits are rare, highly sought after and expensive. Terraced farming is also one of the preferred farming methods here which is not only effective but also makes the landscape more beautiful and unique.

For those that are more interested in the cultural side of things, Mae Sariang will not disappoint. The best way to take in the culture and way of life of Mae Sariang people is to go right to the heart of the village. There, a small road serves as the main passageway and is a tourist attraction in its own right. Visitors will be able to see locals going about their life which includes rice husking, weaving, raising pigs, and tending to their gardens as well as other wonderful things. The beauty here really lies in the simplistic way in which life goes on here and it is truly wondrous to behold. No mater if it's the culture or the agriculture you seek to see though, the beautiful nature here is enough to justify a trip. So next time you come to Mae Hong Sorn, don't miss Mae Sariang.

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