Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin is one of Thailand's best known beach destination and is popular among both Thais and foreigners. Its proximity to Bangkok (it's only 3 hours away) adds to its popularity. One attraction that has truly withstood the test of time here is the Hua Hin Railway Station.  The station has long been an attractive part of the beach province and has stood relatively unchanged since colonial times and it has never failed to attract plenty of tourists years after years.

Hua Hin railway station was built in the reign of King Rama the fifth. During that time Hua Hin served as the vacation retreat for the Thai Royal family and there were no roads to Hua Hin. The only viable way of getting to this province was by train. That fact alone makes this station steep in history and adds to the allure. Being built in the colonial era, the station was heavily influenced by the Victorian style of architecture. And since the material of choice for construction at that time was wood, this two facts combine to result in a unique Victorian architecture that is half wood. In fact, it is the architectural style and decor that is a big part of the place's attractiveness. This includes the door ways, the poles, the ceiling, as well as many other features. The ticket office and the officer's lounges here is very Victorian and unique.

The main platform of the station is is a historical attraction in its self. However, unlike say a museum, the platform is very much in full use and very much alive. The atmosphere a visitor will find here will be a mix of a rural yet busy train station and a well preserved architecture from times past. Travelers trying to catch a train is intermixed with casual tourists trying to snap photos of the place here. The atmosphere is indeed unique and adds to the charm. 

The station is walking distance to the beach and the city and is definitely one place you should check out the next time you arrive at Hua Hin!

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