Fun Travel Time Feed RSS Feed for en-us Copyright (C) 2017 Thailand's Holidays Are The Best Times To Visit The Country The best time to visit Thailand is during the country's holiday and festive seasons. Find out about all about Thailand's famous holidays such as Songkran and Loy Kratong as well as other festivities of the country! Thailand's Islands Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Thailand Thailand's islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Discover some of them here. Safari World Bangkok Safari World is a world class entertainment park / zoo and a man made safari park that is great for family trips! Thai Trains Gets Major Overhaul Trains in Thailand haven't had such good reputation but the new trains and the service overhaul looks to change all that. Costa Cruises Asia Opens Base in Thailand Thailand made headway into being a seaport hub in the Asia Pacific region. Mae Sariang : A Pristine Town Well Worth a Visit Mae Sariang in Mae Hong Sorn Thailand is a pristine town that has retained its roots. Find out about this amazingly beautiful town! Hua Hin Railway Station Hua Hin Railway station is an attractive train station that is rich in history and is quite an architectural marvel.