Costa Cruises Asia Opens Base in Thailand

Costa Cruises Asia Opens Base in Thailand opens a base port in Thailand's Laem Chabang port. On January 11 2017, the cruise ship Costa Victoria made port in Chonburi Thailand for the first time and will use Thailand as a base port for its operation in the Asia Pacific region. This is a move that is significant to the tourism and shipping industry in this region. This is also a big move for Costa Cruises that is aggressively expanding into Asia.

The Costa Victoria which is the first cruise ship from the company to be based here is huge. Its length is 253 meters with a displacement of 75,000 tons. It caries a complement of 760 crews and 964 rooms. The maximum number of passenger it will be able to accommodate is 2,374. The cruise comes with many luxuries and amenities. There are three swimming pools, five restaurants, a duty-free mall, conference room, theater and even a child-centric library. The cruise will have many activities and shows to keep passengers entertained for the duration of its voyage. Most of the activities will be themed "Italy on the High Seas". Some shows will feel like carnivals and festivals in Italy occurring right on the ship.

The routes will the Costa Victoria will serve in the region and which will use Thailand as base will include Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. The cruise will make port in tourist right on the tourist destinations of each countries. This will both bolster tourism in the entire region and help significantly propel Thailand to become a tourism hub.

Costa Asia is part of Costa Croatia and is a leading cruse operator in Europe. It is also the first world class cruise operator to be based in Asia Pacific.

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Aor Sor Tor (อสท) February 2017
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